Lithosphere | Hydrological Investigations
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Hydrological Investigations

Hydrological Investigations

Lithosphere hydrogeologic team can prove invaluable in the development of resource management plans and can significantly reduce water-related costs. Our comprehensive analyses of groundwater and aquifer resources can determine safe, sustainable groundwater yields and optimal withdrawal rates that maintain water quality.


Lithohydrology services include planning, design, supervision, management and development programmes in the following fields;


Our qualified professionals provide the following services;

  • Groundwater modelling and groundwater surface interaction
  • Water supply investigation and development (Potable & Industrial)
  • Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE) for resource consent
  • Dewatering assessments for construction impact assessment
  • Design and implementation of groundwater sampling programmes
  • Environmental monitoring and reporting
  • Hydraulic testing and analysis (Pumping test)
  • Production and monitoring of well installation and abandonment