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Research Expeditions

Lithosphere is taking an initiative for caring out interdisciplinary research involving research scholars and Graduates of different backgrounds by providing proper channel and support team along with funding from different funding agencies. We welcome new ideas and area specific opportunities of research that could benefit the local population and indirectly the nation growth because as a group of scientist we are looking forward to give some contribution in the development of society.


Educational Tours

Lithosphere Educational trips are mainly designed for the School kids. We have a highly professional team who understands the importance of “learning with experience” and have ability of teaching students by giving on the spot examples so that students can understand the concepts well. We are preparing the subject specific study tour packages which will also include some activities involving participated students creativity. Through this we are trying to come up with open classroom concept that are very popular in the developed countries.

Geo Tourism

Lithosphere Geotours is a tourism that sustains or enhances the distinctive geographical character of a place—its environment, heritage, aesthetics, culture, and the well-being of its residents.
Geological tourism is a basic tool for the conservation, dissemination and cherishing of the history of Life on Earth, including its dynamics and mechanisms. It enables students to understand a past of 4600 million years so as to view the present from another perspective and project possible shared futures for the Earth and humankind.


Archaeo Tourism

We encourage territories to develop geotourism focused not only on the environment and geological heritage, but also on cultural, historical and scenic value. In this sense, we encourage the effective involvement of local citizens and visitors, so they are not restricted to the role of tourist spectators, thus helping to build a local identity and promote what is authentic and unique in the territory. In this way we ensure that the territory and its inhabitants obtain environmental integrity, social justice and sustainable economic development.

Field Support

Lithosphere is capable of supporting institutions and individual scientists in smoothly conducting their field trips by arranging there travel, lodging, food and any other type of field assistance by the best available resources. The researchers need only to focus on what they want to do and rest all will be managed by our expert team. By this way we can save there valuable time.


Our Travel Philosophy

Lithotours is an initiative to explore the knowledge of lithosphere by deepening the connections between people and nature. We strive to facilitate meaningful, life-changing experiences for our travelers—ones that will inspire them to become more intimately involved in preservation of natural resources long after the expedition is over.

On the ground in the places we visit, our expeditions support conservation, research, and community development efforts that serve to underpin long-term sustainable relationships between people and nature.

By participating in a Lithosphere expedition, you are more than just another traveler. You are an active participant in our global effort to build a healthy future for the oceans.

We believe that responsibly conducted nature tourism can help save natural areas by contributing financially to conservation and inspiring lasting commitments to conservation among our travelers.

By traveling to the world’s parks and reserves, you are helping to protect those wilderness areas by contributing to an economy that is in harmony with conservation. Lithosphere follows a code of ethics in all of its ecotours and research expeditions.

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