Lithosphere | Geo/enviro Consultancy and edu-tourism
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Geological Mapping

Team Lithosphere is intended to work in full geological spectrum. Geological mapping include...

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Geochemical Analysis

Geochemical modeling to predict the behavior (fate and mobility) of contaminants in groundwater, including....

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Geotechnical and Foundation Studies

Geotechnical investigation, Foundation design, Lateral support and retaining wall design...

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Hydrological Investigations

Lithosphere hydrogeologic team can prove invaluable in the development of resource ....

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Geophysical Exploration

Electrical Resistivity Sounding and Profiling , Electromagnetic Terrain Conductivity...

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Soil Surveys

Lithosphere team has expert soil scientists and technicians who can carry out Soil Survey...

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About Our Company

Lithosphere Research Expedition Private Limited (Lithosphere Group) is a startup founded by a group of Young Delhi University Aluminates who are having a dream of having a platform from where academic research could be used for Industrial growth especially in the field of Geoscience and technology. Lithosphere is looking forward to develop a team of Vibrant Scientists and Researchers of different background who can come together on one platform with innovations and researches of various fields and club them for industrial utilization. Team Lithosphere is intended to make fully equipped laboratories where new innovative ideas can be experimented and new inventions could be made.


Lithosphere is also integrated to Solve the Challenges related to environment, groundwater and sub -surface exploration. The team Lithosphere is having extremely talented and experienced individuals who have expertise in all these different domains The team is commited to give its services with full sincerity and dedication

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